Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rockstar INXS

Remember me a few weeks ago bragging on this show? Well, apparently it is doing so bad in the ratings that they no longer show it 3 nights a week on CBS, now one night it's on VH1. WTF people? This just proves America has no taste. In an article on USA Today.com, analysts said that it was not like American Idol enough, and should have shown the blooper auditions and all that. Which just totally pisses me off, because that's the reason I was really drawn to the show..it wasn't another American Idol.

If you have sound on your computer, go here and then check out Jordis singing "The Man That Sold The World"

If you can hear that--enough said. She owns that song.

But anyway. Tonight at 9(CST) they perform again. I, for one, am looking forward to it, and those who are not are truly missing out.

OK, that's my rant for today. I had an awesome weekend. I helped my sister repaint a dresser of hers...it looks fabulous. The next time I visit I'm bringing my digi cam and taking a good picture of it. You WILL BE impressed, and thats my unconditional guarantee people :)

In other news..I'm out of creamer for my coffee, so I haven't been making any coffee, which is contributing to my lack of effort to go get more creamer (lack of coffee), it's a vicious cycle..and if you understood any of that, I'd be surprised!

Oh! And I am just 6 chapters away from finishing "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"..oh yeah. Loving it.

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