Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thrift Store Madness

Yesterday was fun. Hot..but fun. I stopped at this little store called "Second Time Around" it's full of really cool used things, and a step above your average thrift store. Anyway, I got 2 chairs that match (for $13!!), but need some TLC and a new seat cushion. I have a little round table in my kitchen I got from my mom, it's solid wood, but I don't have any chairs for it. So my idea is to get different types of wooden chairs, and have that as a theme. They will all have one common element, so it will be real funky..and very cool. To me anyway :) That's what matters right?

Also, when I was at this shop the lady that owned it said she did consignments on furniture. I told her that was "my thing" as far as giving a new funkier life to used furniture. She told me to feel free to drop by any of my stuff, that furniture sold quickly at her shop. Yay...

SO that prompted me to go to every thrift store I know in town, looking for wood or metal furniture at a good price. I found one place where I got a side table, that is very cool, and he only wanted $5 for it! And he had a cool metal kitchen utility cart and only wanted $3 for it. He was too cheap..I love it!

Anyway, I plan on taking before & after pictures, and sharing them on here. I can't wait to get started on it all :)

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