Monday, June 13, 2005


It was a pretty awesome weekend :) Saturday we went to Rockfest at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. On the first stage were bands like Chevelle, Drowning Pool, Exies, Static X, Seether...I saw only one, CrossFade, but it was totally cool, because they were the main ones I was looking forward to anyway.

Why you ask? Well it wasn't raining, like I thought it would..but it had been raining almost non-stop in KC for 3 days, so it was muddy as hell! Swamp muddy. And I was wearing flip-flops! They came off because it was impossible to walk in them, so then I was barefoot, and just knew I was going to walk away from the concert with broken toes or something. Anyway, we got there around 3 in the afternoon and the Exies were just finishing their set. I knew crossfade was coming up next so I wanted to get closer to the stage. Andrew told me I was asking for trouble..haha..but I didn't really care. So we got up somewhat close, any closer would have really been hazardous. I had heard of crowd surfing, but never seen it..and there was a lot of it going on. All these dudes with big muddy shoes were floating on top of the crowd, it was wild. Dangerous too! The first 25 minutes Crossfade was on stage we seemed to avoid all the floaters, but towards the end when the songs got heavier, we weren't so lucky. I got elbowed in the nose by another guy trying to keep a surfer up...oh brought tears to me eyes...not to mention mud all over my hair and face from the dudes shoes.

After that we made our way slowly out of the pit, and noticed the mud had gotten so much now looked like fluffy chocolate pudding, and was deep as hell. It was almost impossible to walk in without falling and busting your ass.

So at that point I saw this trio of girls, that were obviously so much cooler than me, and had been wrestling in the mud, they looked awesome, so I asked to take their picture. The picture rocks doesn't it!!

After having seen the band I came to see, getting an awesome picture, and buying a t-shirt..I was happy..and we left.

They were serving alcohol, and people were already stoned out of their minds, so I thought I would quit while I was ahead.

The pics are of the trio, the lead singer of Crossfade, and one of the Liberty Memorial...if you look close you can see how packed it was!

I also got an awesome pic of my husband & a penguin...I'll explain that one later though :)

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