Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Project Completed (for the most part)

I'm so happy! My table looks so awesome & I am so proud that I am worse than a proud parent(notice the multitude of pics)--haha.

Ahh well. It does look pretty damn cool, don't you think? I painted it red last night, then when I went back out in the garage to check on it, I got this inspiration to do something funky. So I sprayed some of my spray paint in a tiny bowl, got a little water color paintbrush out of some old school supplies, dipped it in the bowl and went wild, slinging paint (black & metallic silver) everywhere. It was so liberating.

Then, I went back this morning and put a layer of black and silver stars over it all, which pushed it over the edge of coolness, and now my back yard patio is by invite only....yes it's that cool. ;)

Oh yeah, and I had to throw in a picture of the bottom of the table leg, just to show my attention to detail...maybe I'll get some requests and get rich or something...yay!

I also have some white plain patio chairs that I found this cool new spray paint for; the paint bonds itself to plastic, which means you really can't tell it's even been painted, and used to be white..because now they are black! I just got done adding some detail to them, so tomorrow I'll show them off, along with my table on my patio with it's new umbrella! I'm so excited, aren't you?

I plan on spending the entire weekend on my back patio..grilling, drinking wine, playing cards-it doesn't matter-as long as I'm close to my table :)

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