Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Project

It's almost 2 am, and I'm still awake...but this time doing something constructive!!

--I like to put new life into things, that otherwise just look like trash, or really dull and worn; I do it quite a bit actually. Two weeks ago I took an old, worn out Regulator Chime clock of my parents, that had crusted varnish peeling off and numerous dings to the wood in it, and took it apart piece by piece, sanded it down and painted it black. The natural wood wasn't nice enough to just put a clear varnish over. Anyways..the difference is amazing, the clock looks bad ass..or at the very least a hell of a lot better than it used to! I will have to take a picture of it tomorrow so you can see. When I was working on it, I was thinking that I should take a before picture, so people that commented on how nice it looked could see what it used to look like. But alas..I was too lazy, and never got the cam.

Well.....I have this metal patio table that my mother-in-law gave me a few years ago. She had used a textured spray paint finish on it, to make it fit better with her patio furniture at the time, but it ended up peeling really bad, and not looking so nice. So she bought a new table, and gave this one to me. I actually started working on it a year ago, but got overwhelmed after the stripper went down to the metal when I didn't want it too. I was just wanting to get the textured gunk off. So I ended up having half of the table a nice shiny metal, and the other the original base white color. Fast forward a year, and it was half rusty half dirty white..not too mention the legs were still covered in the textured crap.

Out of nowhere today I thought, "I'm need to finish that table..Mmmmm, Home Depot.." So off I went without a clue of what I really wanted to do to it, I just new I wanted it a nice bright red. Anyway..that's all I'm going to say for now, because I don't want to give up the final product. I spent all night scraping the gunk off the legs with a little putty knife, and then sanding the whole table down until it was smooth. I've got the primer on, and 2 coats of the base color on (red), and as I went out to shut up my garage I got inspired and did something really cool too it. All I have tomorrow are the final touches. It's going to look so cool...I kid you not! :) Well, cool to me anyway.

Anyway, the best part of it all, is that I took a before picture!! Hooray for me!!So for anybody that was interested enough to actually finish this long boring post...you can see what I started out with. Jumping out of your seat aren't you? I knew you would be! ;)

(tune in tomorrow for pics of it finished)

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