Monday, May 16, 2005

Ice Princess

This weekend was awesome. We left Friday for Kansas City, and were back by Saturday night, but it didn't feel like it because a lot was accomplished. Friday night we went out to dinner, and while we were waiting to get a table I threw a scene and walked out. This is where I bow with an evil grin..haha. Hey it was my first "scene" and I'm proud of it!

So anyway, it didn't take much and we were all back at our table and chowing down. The service was really slow though, which was kind of funny, because Blair was with us, and you could tell she was really wanting to jump the scene and go hang out with her beau. God knows what was going on in her head...I bet it would have been funny to listen to though :)

We got back to my mother-in-law's and that's where the evening got really interesting. To make a long story short, we sat down and talked about all that had went on over the past week, and things got heated, I definitely lost my temper a few times....But I also had a few epiphanies. For example: I'm not perfect -- Hard to believe I know. Mainly because I might be in the right more often than not, but when I am, I tend to come down on my husband with an iron fist and rip him to shreds. I think it was making him feel so frustrated he just wanted the first train out so he wouldn't have to hear me talk down to him once again. Yeah..He called me an "Ice Princess" and I really shouldn't like being called that as much as I do. Haha, at the time I was like "Your damn right I am!" And then there was one comment where he said something about his heart hurting, and I mocked him something horrible...I put a pout lip out and just said "Awwww, that is so sad". I am so bad sometimes.

I realized I have to lighten up a little bit. I also realized I was acting a lot like my mother...And that would drive any man away. No kidding. She just isn't very nice.

So things are sorted out for the time being. Considering I'm not as perfect as I thought I was, I thought it was only fair to give him a second chance. The few days he was home last week, he was being very nice..I was just shutting him down every chance I got.

Unfortunately he's gone once again. In the field this time, only about 20 min away from post. He'll be there for 2 weeks. He seems more like a visitor than anything now days, I hate it. June is free though, so I'm looking forward to that! :)

Oh yeah..And besides all that, I also met my baby sister for the first time! It was pretty damn cool. We have some of the same mannerisms, which is kind of funny...We hit it off pretty good. A short recap, for those readers who don't know; I was adopted when I was 5 with my older brother, who was later given back to the state...So I was raised as an only child for most of my life. So I have 1 older brother who is 29(David), and baby brother who is 26 (Damon), and a younger sister who is 25 (Deawn). The last time I saw David I was in the 3rd grade, and before this Saturday I hadn't seen my sister. Damon and I email often and should be meeting soon. I love it. Basically because I was an only child..It just makes it all so surreal.

Anyway..This is a long one, so I'm gonna end it here!

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