Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Step By Step

Soooo....lemme see. What's happened in my world lately? Nothing too drastic, but that's how I like it! We are one step further in buying that house, yesterday the financing was approved by the underwriter...whoo hoo! For a while there, it was a big hassle, and the bank we started out with isn't the one we ended up with, but I like where we are now, so I have no complaints.

I'm excited about buying our first house, but nervous at the same time...plus dreading all the work that's ahead of us if everything does work out. It's worth it though, I just have to keep reminding myself that. Everything good comes at a price.

My job is still a love/hate relationship, but I'm finding out that it's a pretty common feeling in the "working world" so I try to keep my complaining at a minimum. My friend, and ex-upstairs neighbor doesn't have to work though, and I'm pretty jealous and remember those days fondly. It was boring at times, but it was nice having so much time to waste!

In other news my birth father is coming up to see us in a few weeks! He's going to get to see Taylor graduate the 5th grade...which is a pretty big thing in her school, so I think it's awesome he'll be there to witness it all, and plus, Taylor will love it. I have to work some of the days he'll be visiting, but Andrews off the whole time, so it will all work out ok. I can't wait to show him some of Northern NY. Have I mentioned how much I love it up here? I'm sure I have!

Last week I finally pulled out my camera and wiped the dust off of it...it had been a while! We went for a walk and I took come pictures of the town we live in. It's nothing fancy, but I love Carthage so I took all kinds of pictures of some of the local businesses and of other random stuff. I'll post them up on my photo site today or tomorrow, so be sure to check them out. I also have a few more family pics up there that I took last week. I put the site back to being password protected though, so if you don't have it, just send me an email and I'll be glad to pass it along!


poody said...

Yep I always say woprk is a four letter word! I want to see the photos too!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about all the work after you get the house, but Its great because ITS YOURS!

Looking forward to seeing upstate New York but most all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

SEEEEE!!!!! I TOLD YOU that you'd like new york....even if it does get cold....its a really pretty state...wait till fall when you can go apple picking. and yes i know i havent been around to check out your blog in a while and i feel so unfaithful :-( i mean i still remember the url off the top of my head!!!! so thats a plus....i see ur getting a house...thats cool...northern new york is cool but upstate is where its at....its weird....you would thing they would call where u are upstate.

TC said...

About time for a blog o' the month!!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with tc...about time for another update.