Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I want a snowmobile!!

Well the snow kept falling all day Sunday and finally quit around 7pm - school was canceled Monday because of it all. Today everything was almost back to normal, although the roads are still crappy. Tonight we have another Lake Effect snow warning and as I type this it's snowing pretty good outside..so we'll see! I was just watching the news and there was a guy on there talking about how they just got the snow from Sunday under control and they are running out of room to put new snow so he hoped it wasn't too much tonight. Haha...it's true though, the piles around here are so tall that if someone is walking on the sidewalk, you can't see them from the street because the snow on the curb and around driveways is way over their head.

The plus side? I have a little plowed square in my back yard so that the dogs can go out to the bathroom, and it acts like a fence, so we don't even have to walk them out there anymore..we just open the door and they do their stuff. They know theres no way in hell they are getting through all that snow! So yes, that's a definite plus side!! We aren't allowed to install a fence here, so it sucks having to walk them all the time.

Hmm, what else has been going on? Oh! Thursday I went to Sams Club to pick up some of my Red Machine Naked Fruit Juice and found out they CANCELED it!!!!! I freaked out when I didn't see it on the shelf and went to customer service to see what was going on. Eventually they found it in their little book of UPC's and saw that it was canceled. I was heart-broken. You have no idea how much I was craving some of this stuff. They even checked with other semi-local (up to 3 hrs away) Sams Club's and none of them were carrying it either. I walked away with a pout and put in a request sheet in their little box begging them to bring it back. Then I stopped in at a health food store that I thought had it, but they didn't. They told me to leave a note for the manager to see if she could order a case for me. So I did, but I had pretty much given up, I didn't expect it to pan out.

Miracles do happen though!! The manager actually called me Friday and said she could order a case for me!! Whoo hoo!! They are only 15 ounces, instead of the 30oz bottles I get at Sams, but she said a case would run about $30 for 15 of them, and I get a discount for buying a whole case, so it doesn't work out to bad considering what I was paying before. I'd do the math to see if it's cheaper but I'm too lazy..I wanna say it is though, cause before I was paying $5 for a 30oz bottle. But like I said..haven't done the math. Feel free to do it for me!! hehe. I am just so relieved that she could order it and I don't have to live without my Red Machine!!

I'm supposed to be able to pick it up tomorrow, so hopefully I don't get snowed in! Cross your fingers for me!

For any of you that are looking for "Red Machine" and haven't found it, I suggest doing what I did and going to your local health food store and seeing if they could order it for you. Invest in a case, cause I promise you'll like it..and hey, if you don't, just keep it chilled for me when I come visit!! :)

And I almost forgot, Sams now has "Gold Machine" and I bought 6 bottles of it without even tasting it cause I knew it couldn't be bad, and it wasn't, it's yummy as hell too. It has golden kiwi, passion fruit, mango's, and alot of other stuff. It's seasonal so they won't have it long though...the bastards.

Real quick -- back to the snow, it was funny as hell watching all the people who had snowmobiles cruise and race down the streets..they were having a blast..I was totally jealous. My neighbor ventured out Sunday cause they have a truck and 4WD (unlike me) and they said they passed McDonald's and there was nothing but snowmobiles in the parking lot! Tell me thats not funny. You know Northern NY gets a lot of snow when a 3rd of the population own snow mobiles and there's lanes just for it, as well as marked trails for them. Like I said..I want one!!! That would be so much fun!! To bad they are so damn expensive.

Ok, so that's all for now. It's getting late and my bed is calling me!

P.S. - Andrew won't be here on Valentines Day..his flight got pushed back again. :( He said it might get bumped up again, but not to count on it. BLAHHHHHHH.

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