Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cause I think too much..that's why!

Waiting for the Stafford Loan from the government seems to be taking forever. I'm anxious to start taking will give me something to do in my free time!

Since I don't have the loan yet, I haven't had to choose a Major or course of study, but I've been giving it a lot of thought. My last decision was to major in english with a minor in journalism. Mainly because I've always liked the language arts and seem to do well in them. I'm starting to second guess myself though because I'm wondering what kind of jobs that will open up when I do get a degree. Writing for a news paper is cool and all, but I have no idea of the kind of pay it entails, and I'm pretty sure it's not always that easy to get into it. My other choice would be to teach english..which doesn't sound awful, but then I would need to change my minor I think?

I don't know, I'm confused. I need to go back to the school site and think it over some more.

Before I go though, I have one question. What is up with the forwarded jokes that lure you into staring at something for a while, like a maze, or trying to play a silly game, and then they flash a scary character at you that is not only ugly as hell, but is screaming a high pitched wail at you? I hate those..

They totally suck a$$.

It's even got me afraid to look into most FW: emails, especially if they have just a link to another site in them. I've already gotten 3 of these kinds of emails within this month alone.

So sometimes I wonder what I did to piss these people off that send me these - obviously I did something, why else would someone want to scare the shit out of me while I was drinking a cup of coffee and increase the potential of me spilling some and burning myself??

Hmmm. Just a random thought.


Andrew said...

My boss is an English major. My advice is to go with what you feel interests you. In a lot of cases a job comes to you just because you have a degree. It shows that you have a drive and the capability of being trained. So if English is what you want, go for it. A journalism minor isn't a bad secondary if you want to be could almost specialize you. Just go for it though. You can always change it up as you progress through, and English is a class you have to take all 4 years anyway, so how much could it hurt? You could write another Million little pieces and get on Oprah and doesnt have to be true!! Anyway, Love you.

deawn said...

I think you can do it all. You are so smart. Wish I had half the talent you have. Love ya!!

Darla said...

I dont think they are mad at you its just a joke it is better when you sit someone down and watch them i do that with stevens kids.. But when i get some emails and i have a feeling that is one my sound is off.. :)I love you sweety and big hugs to you for being you and thanks for the web site that you did for me its great just like i wanted....and to top it off you put my singers web page there thanks baby..xxoo

poody said...

My dear friend Rick is getting his PHD in English He hopes to teach at UT he has been working on his thesis for years it seems. I hate those dam emails too I always fall for them