Monday, July 24, 2006

Barn Stars

These things are very popular around NY it least upstate NY. Before moving here, I don't think I've ever really seen or noticed one before, but here they are hard to overlook, homeowners every where have them adorning the peaks of their houses, or any number of other places.

Within a few days of meeting my neighbor upstairs, we were talking on her balcony, and she looked down to my front patio and said "I think we need to get you a barn star for that wall..". She was speaking of a wooden divider like the one above that separates my patio from the next door neighbor. Anyway, I laughed and said, "What do they mean anyway? Or do they mean anything?" - She didn't really know the answer, she just said she got one because she liked the way they looked.

Well me being me...liking the look or not..had to find out if there was a meaning behind it. I mean what if it stood for something I was totally against? I couldn't have that..heh.

So the weekend before last when we were down in Alexandria Bay we found a little craft shop that sold them, and the lady at the counter looked real friendly, so I asked her. She told me they signified peace and joy. Which is totally cool...I can dig that. I went ahead and bought a green one that day for $23.

When my neighbor comes back from visiting her family (she left for 3 weeks) she'll be proud...haha.

Oh yeah..and since getting my internet hooked up I googled it, and most sites said that now days the star meant good luck and good fortune...which of course I can dig too :)

Pretty soon I'm going to post some pictures of my front patio. You have NO IDEA how hard I've been working on it...I was outside all day Saturday (in the rain!) and all day Sunday slaving away. It's almost done, and it's getting so's going to be my little outside haven. I can't wait until my neighbor comes back and we can sit out there and will be nice :)

PS- I realize I may be the only one out of the loop about the barn stars...but you know...just in case....I had to share! If any friends or family want one, just let me know too!


Sarah said...

OMG I have been trying to find out what the heck those things meant for about 3 years now! No one could tell me what they meant or why they were EVERYWHERE!

So glad to know it's not some weird thing... I was afraid they were for overly zealous Texan republicans or something! lol

Can't wait to see pics of the patio and the rest of the new house!

Hope you're doing okay. *hug*

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, how is it going? Sounds like you have been a busy bee, with the porch area! I think I have seen those stars before, but didn't know anything about them really. Maybe once I get my deck done I might have to look into getting some for it, or maybe even the front porch. Then I can tell everyone I am in with East Coast thing!!! Well I just got to work, so I better do something!! Talk to you soon!!

Dwain said...

The Star looks cool, can't wait to see what your place looks like. Haven't heard from you still. Are you avoiding me?? :) Love ya

Josh said...

The star is really neat looking. Would have been funny if they said, "Yes, the star means you promise your soul to Satan, can I wrap one up for you?" HAhA

The clay suns are still popular here. But I do see metal stars because of the lone star state thing. Can't wait to see your haven :)