Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday's Confession

Somewhere along the line I've become very bad at planning things & making decisions. Or maybe I was never any good at it, and I'm just now realizing it? It's a mystery. The fact remains though.

I'm going to my brothers this weekend, and it's really taken me forever to decide on how and when to go. My dogs throw a wrench in things (as always) - but even more than that, there's this whole "what time do I have to leave to get there at XYZ time"

That requires me to count on my fingers and everything. And I can't just do it once, and then remember, noooo, that would be too easy. I have to keep reminding myself of the plan and count on my fingers each time.

It's so exhausting. That's what my man should be here for. I mean, I'm all about some feminism but men are just good at planning things and reading maps..all that stuff. ;)

Anyway, this is what my horoscope told me today:


It's hard to believe that things are getting better, but they truly are. You just need to get through the next couple days of focused planning and practical thinking. The rewards won't just show up out of the blue, but they will come if you apply yourself now to the work at hand. The more you do today, the greater the recognition to follow.

Is it just me, or is this intimidating? What could I possibly do today that would make that much of a difference? Eeek.

I have to take both of my dogs to get their annual shots in about 30 min. That should be fun. And costly. Don't know about any recognition.

Plus, it's only bathroom's and cleaning the floors day! Is it asking me to do more?

Hmmm...maybe it's a call to paint, and whatever I come up with will be a true masterpiece?

That's a nice thought.

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