Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wake me up

So my life right now is full of paper towels and pinesol spray. Audrey is a smart kid, but she DOES NOT want to cooperate with the whole potty training thing. She's in regular panties (the ones that are just a little thicker) and I have her sit on the toilet every 15-20 minutes..but the girl still ends up peeing on my minutes after she's been sitting on the toilet.

Paper towels and pinesol. That about sums it up.

I got some speed coming in the mail today, so maybe tomorrow I won't feel so brain dead. Ok, it's not speed, but some ginko biloba crap and energy mix. I just need some kind of pick up, cause things have been dead here.

I've been getting my sleep..I'm not hung I'm wondering what the deal is and why I feel like such a space cadet half the time.

I can literally stare into nothing for HOURS.

And then of course, wipe up piss with paper towels and pinesol.



The Masked Stranger said...

that sucks!!! i dont know what to tell u. i started writing this thing about the value of paper towels and pinesol and it started to not make any sense. im sorry

Glenda said...

haha thats ok. At least I love the smell of pinesol - it helps ;)