Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Restless Bullet's

  • A lot of today was spent messing with my template & putting my touch on it. It really is a lot harder than it may look, haha. The smallest thing will set everything else off.

  • I also spent about 3 hours out in my backyard raking up the dead grass & sticks. It was a pain - literally. My hands are sooo sore, and have blisters :(

  • Deep thought's and reflection are coming soon, but every time I think about something really profound to write, I'm laying in bed..and then I forget about it again until the next night. These past few days I've been lacking focus during waking hours. I swear it takes me twice as long for the smallest of tasks. I need at least 8 hours of good straight sleep, but that hasn't been happening lately either, which I'm sure is my problem!


Sarah said...

The same thing happens to me! I think of something exquisite to write in my blog in the few moments before I fall asleep and by the next morning, I can't remember anything. It's just one of those things... I started keeping paper and a pencil next to my bed, but I haven't utilized it yet. Don't worry, you'll figure out something!! And hey, the new layout looks great!!! ;-)

Glenda said...

Thanks Sarah!

Yeah it's a drag, because I don't always forget during the day what I wanted to say, it's just that I can't get it out nearly as clear as it was in my head, so eventually I throw the towel in.

Or add more coffee..haha.

PJ'sPics said...

wow, raking your leaves this time of year - wear some gloves!!

Anonymous said...


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