Monday, February 13, 2006


Yep..Glenda has nothing better to do, so here's another one. It's gotta lot of me in there.

I like it's style, it's haste, it's attempt for some "order" - then losing it..then regaining it. And finally fading away.

I'm thinking of just making another blog for posting my paintings. That way they won't consume all of this one. Not that there was anything better to talk about this weekend. I stayed in, watched the Soprano's...and tried to stay warm.

The drafts in my house are FIERCE.

I love painting...I wish there was like a scholarship fund I could get to buy supplies, hehe. I would have so much fun. Probably paint 24/7 - I'm obsessed.

1 comment:

deawn said...

I so want a painting. I will pay your for your time and supply. Pretty please!!!