Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Try not

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This is an original song written by Jordis for Rockstar:INXS - if I remember right, I think Marty helped her out a bit.

Anyway..I need to look up on her, she needs to get an album out. I love her voice..and I like this song for many reasons, one, I can relate (usually when I'm in a grumpy, pissy mood), and two, it's just catchy. (to me anyway)

And just so it's clear, I'm not playing this for some hidden meaning, into my man dragging me down. I think we are responsible for dragging ourselves down (or letting ourselves be), no matter what the situation. Actually this song makes me think of my mother, as bad as that is. But she's one of those that would gladly pull you down to drown with her if she could. She used to have such a hold on me it was crazy, I'd be so busy trying to calm the waters I would forget about me - on all levels. My thoughts, feelings, needs weren't important to her, or me. Which is where my problem was..who cares if it was important to her, it should have been to me. Had I not got that in check, there's no doubt in my mind I would have done drowned by now.

SO's good to cut off the dead weight.

** Update** -- I looked into what Jordis was doing, and it turns out she's been working on an album due to be released sometime this spring!! And guess what?! One of her singles is going to be "Try not" - she has an official website now,, and if you go to it and register they let you hear the full studio version of Try Not. I like it, it's definitely more polished, but they slowed it down a lot and took some of the passion out of it, so it's going to take a little getting used too.

Can't wait to buy her album though. :)

If your interested in the new it is:

(I think it should work)

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