Friday, January 06, 2006

Speakers maybe I'm a liar. I had full intentions of writing in here yesterday, that counts for something right?

Yesterday the hubby and I went out and spent a gift card he got for Christmas for Best Buy. We got new speakers for my car, which has 4 speakers, each 6.5's. On the floor of the Best Buy they sounded really good, and weren't outrageous in cost which was a plus.

But here's the thing - and please remember this people. BEST BUY SUCKS. I know, I know, I used to be a fan of them too, but seriously folks, these people and their product support are lacking big time.

So we get these 2 sets of speakers, and all we want to make sure of is that they don't need a wiring harness, or a special bracket. For this we wait at least 20 min, because the ONE dude on the floor was busy selling a satellite radio kit to another couple. The guy finally inches our way, and we ask him. He tells us we should be fine, and that now days speakers don't really need kits in newer cars.

Coool. I had my doubts so we drive around to the back of the store where they do the installs. I go in the shop and ask the ONE service technician if I should need anything. He stumbles. It looked like his brain HURT to find this little piece of information out. For heaven sakes, THIS IS WHAT THEY DO, how hard can it be? After a good 15 minutes of staring at a computer screen he gives me a half ass answer that He "thinks" it might need a bracket, but he's not really sure, and he's not really sure of what type of bracket, but he "thinks" if it does they will have to special order it. (huh? So what do you know?)

So we get home, and just for the fun of it I go check online at Crutchfields. There I can plug in exactly what car I have and then it lets you know the speakers (or whatever else) that fit your car. I do that and find the exact same pair of speakers - $10 cheaper - and then go to put them in my "shopping cart" after I do this they always add any kits you might need for the install.

Turns out I do need special speaker brackets, and a wiring harness. All of which are FREE if I had just bought the speakers at Crutchfields. Since I did not, the brackets are $15 a pair and the wiring harness is $12.

Then we decide to check out the speakers in the car, just to see what's ahead of us....and that's where I was for the remainder of my night, heh. We took off all the door panels, yanked out the old speakers, spliced the old wires the way they need to stuff people! :)

Now my car is sitting in the garage looking pretty gutted, but the only thing it's waiting for is those brackets. Today we are going to call around a few audio shops in the area to see if they have them, the bracket I need is actually made for GM vehicles and Jeeps, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

So yes....there is my ultra long excuse why I didn't post in here yesterday. It's probably boring to read about, but trust me, it's HELLA FUN to rip your car apart. (no, not literally! I was careful)

Anyway, wish us luck on finding those brackets. That's the goal for today.

That and Andrew has to pack, he leaves TOMORROW morning :(

Another 5 months on my own. fucking hell.

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Anonymous said...

i hate best buy too. I have my own experience with them. Good to see you blogging again... I was starting to get bored