Monday, October 03, 2005


This week is going to be a crazy one...

Sunday I'm moving to Kansas City to live with my in-laws while my husband goes off to Warrant Officer Candidate school. He won't be done with that until next May, and then we have orders for Fort Drum, NY. Usually I'm not the type to go running home when he deploys, but this time it's a little different. My sister has a baby due in late October, so I really wanted to be closer to her (only 30 min away!) it will help us financially...and to be truthful I didn't want to be all alone this winter, with just me and the girls and the snow, and any family 2 hours or more away. I will be getting enough of that once we move to New York..then we will be at least 30 hrs away from anyone we know...which is just crazy!

Andrew (my husband) thinks I'm going to go insane(or more insane, heh) because I'm so use to my alone time, and not really sticking to any schedule but my own...but I'm crossing my fingers everything will work out.

I have some totally awesome twin sister-in law(s) that I'm really looking forward to hanging out with more too. They will be 18 this coming January, and they are off the chain....I have known them since my husband and I were dating, and they were all of 3 years old, so it's almost inconceivable that they are almost legal time passes.

So anyway, this week I'm going to be swamped like never before; getting all the loose ends tied up etc, etc. My cable/broadband service will be disconnected Friday..but once I get to KC, my mother in law has wireless service, and I'll have a laptop, so it's all good.

Knitting class tonight!! Yay. It's my last one though..which totally sucks. Maybe I can find something like it in Kansas City though.


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Anonymous said...

going to kc now? this weekend? thats a drag for me because I was hoping to see you this weekend but sounds as if you have alot on your plate as it is.