Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rah Rah

This weekend was cool, I went to a pool party and did my standard loner drinking in the corner thing. Thats ideal for me though, so like I said...cool weekend.

At one point my wiener dog jumped off a raft, and proceeded to sink. Who said all dogs could swim? I don't think that applies if they are panicking. Anyway...I saw this, freaked out for 2 seconds, and dove my hands in to get him. Would you believe that my digital camera was attached to my wrist?!?! Yeah..

When I realized that, I was like f*ck the dog...I need to get my camera out of the water. Heh. Well anyway. It kind of works..but doesn't. Pics are a little blurry and foggy. I'm giving it time to recuperate..you know...a little R&R. I'll keep you updated, don't worry.

No I can't afford a new camera :(

I didn't even have 2 glasses of wine down when I did it either. I'm such a doof.

Tomorrow the hubby leaves for Fort Polk to go play Army. I see will him again around the 1st of September. Yay..blahh...whatever.

It's dark here. Someone needs to find the light switch.

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