Friday, July 29, 2005

Caffeine is awesome

This is what happens when I have too much coffee/lattes....I get chatty, and just start posting entries like an insane person. You know all those days where there was nothing? Yep..didn't have any coffee. Maybe it's a hormonal thing, but I don't feel normal unless I've had a couple cups of java. But even then I get a little odd...because I won't shut up . If I hadn't had any coffee today, my introverted, pitiful ass wouldn't be writing in here. I wouldn't have went shopping and gotten some new shoes (yay!), and I wouldn't have said hi to my goes on.

Anyway...I am so hooked on Audioslave right now. If anyone can download it or hear it on a player somehow, you should look up "Shadow On the Sun"...I love that song so much...I'd marry it if I could. It speaks too me & for me. Yep yep.

Ok...gonna go.

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