Wednesday, July 20, 2005


* Ok, listen up. This is my buddy Rob. While I was stressing this past week, this joker was out living the good life. He's the man and he knows it..oh yeah..thats the way it should be. He was in Vegas in this pic, with some model all over his jock. Jealous huh? Yeah me too. He deserves it though. He's a Major in the Army and has been deployed to Iraq for a year, he was just home for a few weeks of R&R. He left today for another 6 months of Iraq. know how radio stations and churches get together to send "care packages" to all the soldiers deployed to Iraq? They should stop...and all available young hotties should offer up their services of email, chatting, and web camming....give these soldiers what they really want. Eye candy :) Hehe. Feeling generous? Young? Hot? Get in touch with me...we'll start a whole new campaign to support the troops.

yesss...I'm serious. ;)

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