Thursday, May 19, 2005


Yesterday was my 10 yr anniversary, that's hard to believe, even for me. Anyway, my husband actually got out of his field exercise and got to come home yesterday! That was pretty awesome. We went out and had an awesome was a good night.

On the way back to our car after dinner, we went into this little shop in Aggieville that had the coolest stuff. I got this book called "Zobmondo! - The outrageous book of bizarre choices" This book is insane!

Here is some of the front page:

Zobmondo!! (zob MAHN-doe) is a slang expression derived form the negative exclamation "zob," to express horro, pain, or frustration: "Mary tripped over the log and stubbed her toe. 'Zob!' she cried." Zobmondo!! expresses the utter dismay that zob cannot begin to describe. "As Mary broke her foot and looked down to see the bone protruding from the side of her shoe, she screamed in excruciating pain, 'Zobmondo!!'

--Within the context of this book the word Zobmondo!! would likely be heard after a question is asked. The expression reflects the difficulty that one faces in choosing between the equally unappealing and often horrific options in each question. "

So basically the book gives you these questions, where you are obligated to choose between two scenarios; some of them aren't horrible, but some are just disgusting....and some of them just make you think.

I'll tell you one's a definite conversation starter...even if it's just moans of disgust!

You want to hear one of the scenarios don't you?? I knew you did... Don't say I didn't warn you!

Would you rather...

Have to kill Winnie the Pooh

(here's one more for good luck)

Would you rather...

Eat a live tarantula
Hold a live wasp in your mouth for one minute?

My answers: I would kill Bambi..hearing pooh scream...would just be too much to bear. And I would eat the live tarantula, and chew hard and fast and get it over with. With a wasp in your mouth for that long...OUCH...can you imagine??

And trust me....these were some of the mild questions! Remember the goal is to make yourself choose, there are no other options.

Have fun :)

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