Friday, April 22, 2005


Well...not really. My man left for Iraq today, my shins hurt from running on the treadmill yesterday, and on top of all of that it's cold outside..which makes no sense. Just yesterday it was humid and hot; Kansas is so cool.

Anyway...I have some egg drop soup that was just delivered, The Apprentice is on, and later tonight is Bill Maher. All those things working together should get me off on the right foot tomorrow, or at the very least, comfort me through tonight :)


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't any comfort right now, but I had to thank you. Thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you have made for us. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

There might be some blogs you would like to read at some point, that show the good work your husband is and will be doing. You may already be familiar with Iraq the Model and Chrenkoff?

I am originally from Colorado, neighbor! Are you stationed in Kansas or are you from there?

When my husband went to VietNam, I was a chicken and went home to mom! I just couldn't stay in California and have my first kid alone.....

My very best to you and I will check in now and again to see your neat blog!

Glenda said...

Yeah we are here at Fort Riley, and I was also born in Kansas. We asked for this tour, because we would be close to family for a change. He's almost been in the Army 9 years now, and is a SSG, but just made Warrant Officer. He's big on telling me whats really going on, and on clarifying that the media only tells you what they want too. He says their is much more good going on in Iraq, then the media likes to show.

Even when Saddam was caught the media showed only a fraction of the truth. They showed a lot of pictures of happy soldiers, with big sighs of relief, but in Ramadi, where my husband was deployed to for over a year, it was just another day and meant little to most of the soldiers. They thought it was good and all, but they were in a town full of Saddam supporters, and it got more dangerous where he was; not to mention, most insurgents aren't motivated by Saddam anyway. It was funny because the first time I talked to him after hearing the news of Saddam I expected him to sound happier, and all he said was, "And?"

Anyway, right now he is only gone for 2 weeks in Iraq. He's part of an advanced party that went there in preparation for his units redeployment in November. Luckily he won't be deploying with them, but I'm sure he'll be back soon enough.

At least with Vietnam, and any other war for that matter, once you did your tour, you were done. We have soldiers dying on their second tours of Iraq, ones that were due to retire but the army won't let them, and some that have served their 4 yrs, or more, but are forced to stay in and redeploy because of stop-loss. I think it's just plain wrong, and a shame. Enlistment contracts mean nothing now wonder they have problems with recruiting!