Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Random thoughts

Sunday went by in a daze. It was rainy and stormy and made for the perfect day to slack. It was so perfect I had to take advantage of it.

Today it's so gloomy outside..chilly, gray and windy. I can't wait until the warmer weather is here to stay. I used to hate the heat, but not anymore. I'd sweat my ass off any day, compared to having to bundle up all the time. It makes me second guess wanting to return to Germany, because as much as I loved it there, it was more dark and gloomy than not. The same goes for Washington state..and I love that place. I guess we all have to make our sacrifices. And I suppose a few gloomy days are worth what I would be getting in return. I would have to make my house look pretty cheery inside with "happy colors"... that might help, because as temperamental as my moods can get, the last thing I need is the weathers impact on them.

Anyway, in other news, yesterday I bought some 400CT egyptian cotton sheets. It's an upgrade from the 360CT that was currently on my bed. Let me tell you something, if you never splurge on anything else in your life, splurge on your sheets. My bed is heaven. I can't even describe how comforting. 400Ct is still pretty low on the totem pole, so next time I want to save up and at least get 700CT or higher. They have to be 100% egyptian cotton though, if you get some other kind of blend or the kind that says "sateen" it's not the same, and it will feel more like silk than anything. Take my advice peeps...you're worth it.

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