Thursday, April 07, 2005

A poem

The way it is...

Put up a false front; smile, dont you cry

Cause baby, thats the only way you're gonna get by

You can crumble on the inside, fall apart on your own time in the minds secret places

So long as right now you can fake those happy, cheerful faces.

Wake up, baby: lifes a bitch out to grind you down

So give the world a false smile and play the ignorant clown.

Were all playing parts, Pretending to be things we arent

Thespians of the world, thats us alright,

Our true mime selves only let out in the tears of night

Never daring to let anyone see

Our inner selves

The "Real Me"

Scared of the truth, a harsh desert sun, Lying to friends, family, self....


--False fronts, we all have them; some of us more than others. And I think this sums it all up quite well. It's easy to feel alone in this world, and assume that others are too busy or just don't care about how you are feeling or how you're doing. So you put on your happy face and drive on, and that's what this poem is all about. It might sound negative...but it's the truth. How many of us do it everyday? Here's a hint : ALOT --


Holden said...

That is so true!

Your Blog is wonderful. I'm feeling so alike....

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


Glenda said...

Hey thanks! Comments are cool...and so RARE. I feel special :)