Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My excuse..

I'm so negligent! I really have been busy though. Last week I got into the whole "spring cleaning" thing, inside and out. Thursday I raked my entire yard, to get it ready to seed and I was one sore puppy Friday. Even my poor thumbs were swollen! I had to get it done though, everyone else had been working on their yards weeks before me, so it's about time I decided to join in.

Oh yeah..I have to mention. As I lay exhausted and sore Thursday night I made one important decision, and that was the need for a Foot Spa! So I went and got one for a mere $28, and later that night I found a little piece of heaven. The one I have lets you choose if you want heat and bubbles, or heat, bubbles and massage. I can't even describe how good it felt, and not to mention how soft my feet were afterwards. So seriously people, you really should go get yourself a Foot Spa, it's the perfect end to a hard day and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed...Guaranteed.

My mother also came to stay overnight Saturday, I think she was really happy to get out of the home for a night. Funny thing was, she couldn't wait to get back Sunday afternoon. She said she finally realized how good she had it there. That's reason to celebrate! For those of you who don't know she's in a nursing home, and up until now has been bent on leaving, even though it's obvious she doesn't need to. My father passed away last October and since then she's been a great source of stress for me. So much so, that I think I am just now getting the chance to deal with the passing of my father; I was just too caught up in her drama to even think about it in the past. I'm definitely crossing my fingers that this little light of sanity on her part doesn't pass anytime soon...Things have finally settled into some normalcy!

Anyway, I have this HUGE craving for some popcorn right now...so I think I'm going to indulge myself, and go make some...MMMmmmmm!

More later..


Anonymous said...

A automatic foot Spa?!?!? What is that all about? Blasphemy I tell you! The only way to get a foot massage is from a nubile, young thing kneeling at your feet!

Glenda said...

With some nice pouting eyes looking up at you the entire time...I do agree. Her long hair falling over one shoulder too....and some kisses here and there wouldn't hurt either. ;)